Limerick History Gazette
With its distinct advantage of offering unlimited free access to the archive of 20,000+ unpublished images Limerick History Gazette aims to attract not only local citizens but also the ever increasing Limerick Diaspora far and wide around the globe.​ This freely available permanent exhibition of images in an highly accessible and easily navigated online gallery, will permanently ensure that Limerick's familes and friends will have unrivaled online access to previously unseen by the general public photographs that would otherwise have vanished into oblivion but are now preserved for generations to come. Preserved for Limerick people worldwide to enjoy.

We are currently constructing the archive and are adding over 100 new images every week. As the collection builds we will continue to add images until we reach our target of 20,000.

3.25 Million People all over the world have associations and are friends of Limerick and in a 2015 survey conducted by the Global Limerick Network (GLN) they expressed a desire to have a greater source of online communication with the region and its people and perceived the current lack of such a service as being a major problem. 

Limerick Gazette offers a solution to this problem. It is primarily owned and run as a non-profit project by Limerick Historian and Digital Solopreneur Gerard J. Hannan.

Limerick Gazette is an archive of unpublished 20th century Limerick images crowd-sourced and supplied by members of the Facebook portal Limerick History Gazette which remains in existence for the forseeable future in order to continue to source new images and to build the Limerick History Gazette Archive.​​​

Limerick History Gazette